Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hankering for a Camera: Olympus E520

Woohoo!! I mentioned this model in a previous entry about the E420. And it's finally arrived. Was it worth waiting for? Well, near as I can tell, it is.

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Announced May 13, 2008, the E520 is Olympus' upper-entry level camera upgrade to the E510. The E520 sports similar features to its older counterpart, with nearly identical external features, even down to the measurements and weight. One of the few cosmetic differences one would notice between the two would be blue markings instead of green. Another would be a differently texutrized and finished command dial. However, one of the biggest differences between the E510 and E520 comes in a bigger 2.7 inch, 230,000 pixel LCD screen.

E510 rear (photo from dpreview)


E520 rear (photo from dpreview)

While both the E510 and E520 have the sensor-shift image stabilization feature, (a feature you won't find in their compact little brothers, the E410 and E420), other improvements you'll find in the later model are...
  • Contrast detect autofocus (with select lenses)
  • Face detection in live view mode
  • Auto Gradation (Dynamic Range enhancement)
  • Faster continuous shooting speeds (3.5 vs 3.0 fps)
  • Wireless flash control (Up to three groups)
  • Additional Image Stabilization mode for panning
While most of the features that the E520 possesses would be a considerable upgrade from the E410, or even from the E420 that it came out with, if you're able to do without the above mentioned new features, you'd probably be set with the E510. But then again, who wouldn't want additional Image Stabilization for panning, or wireless flash control? :)

For a more indepth interview, please visit depreview.

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