Monday, June 4, 2007

Hankering for a Phone: iPhone Release slated for the 29th

Yes. It's confirmed. The iPhone can be yours on the 29th of June, not the 20th as it was formerly assumed to be.

The commercial was aired on 60 minutes, and is available for viewing at the apple site. Apple iPhone owners-to-be are shaking in their shoes, sweating in their seats, and are getting ready to camp out in front of the nearest Apple store near them. No doubt the line is going to go around the block, and might even cross several pedestrian cross-walks.

It's rumored that there's going to be an iPhone stock shortage shortly after the release, not for the volume of pre-orders or the shortage of parts or anything like that though. Apparently, AT&T is going to control iPhone outflow from the source. It's supposedly standard practice when selling high-end phones.

So if you've got your heart set on owning one of these sought-after handsets on the first day, either get a-camping in front of the apple store bright and early several days in advance, or try falling in line at AT&T/Cingular outlets.

Good luck to you and anyone else attempting either though. :) if you happen to have $600 to spare, send one my way? :) I'll pay for shipping. Promise.

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