Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Lazada Product Review: XY-01 Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Smart EarPhone (Yellow/Black)

In a previous entry, I wrote about hankering for a Bluetooth Bone-Conducting Zungle Sunglasses-headset. And while I'm perfectly content on waiting for that particular brand to become available and affordable for my bone-conduction-bluetooth-spectacle-headset needs, I really need a bluetooth headset ASAP to take the place of a pair that I purchased late last year that I inadvertently destroyed (it got stuck in the space beside a desk and a wall and I yanked when I should've moved the damned table).

So I went ahead and purchased this cheap ass very reasonably priced pair from Lazada, available at Php 366.

 XY-01 on Lazada
XY-01 Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Smart EarPhone (Yellow/Black)
Photo from Lazada. Item linked.

It comes in several color variants (all black, white/red, white/green) and is undrbanded, though the packaging says it's made by "BestGot". According to the package, it's capable of 5h talk time, with an effective 10m range, and bluetooth 4.1 support.

It was scheduled to arrive by August 22, and arrived this morning. Despite being slightly late, I don't mind as I had requested delivery to the office, and the hours don't lend itself to weekend delivery.

Visual Impact
Here are some photos of what the package looked like and what came in the box.

Bubble Wrapped

Yet-unopened. Looks nice. Better than what they used on the site.

They provided 2 identical manuals. For no apparent reason.

Package inclusions

The package came with 2 sets of identical manuals, a short usb cable for charging, 2 extra earbuds, the clip and 2, um, whatever you call those claw-like things that help it stay on your ear when you're active. However since it's really meant to sit deeply into your ear anyway, it feels like those were just a nice bonus.

The build is a bit plasticky, slightly less impressive than my previous one (which was all white). The volume up button seems sit a little deeper than the volume down. Doesn't change the functionality any though.

The clip doesn't have any rotating pieces so it's slightly less comfortable than what I previously had but I think it just needs getting used to.

I tried using them straight out of the box but there wasn't any charge to speak of so I charged them for 30 minutes before giving it another go.

Audio Quality
Listened to a bit of music on it and tried using it to record audio on the sound recorder. The gave good results for the former, and pretty lousy results for the latter. I tried calling myself to test it on a call, but not hearing myself talking to myself on the other phone kinda defeats the purpose. I did have to make an actual call later in the day after a full charge and letting it stand by for a bit as well. There was a lot of static but the other party could hear me OK.

Aside from the static on the call, and the slightly questionable build quality, there's only one minor gripe I have about the bluetooth headset. And it's this:

On the phone, when you pair, it doesn't appear as a standard bluetooth headset. It appears as an "input device" ~ as a keyboard, which it is most definitely not. The only other instance I've seen that happen was with a bluetooth camera trigger I purchased a year or two ago and that was most likely also made in China.

To use it like a usual headset, and to be able to use the phone's onscreen keyboard, I just unticked the "input device" option.

For Php 366 (roughly 8.14 USD), you really shouldn't expect much. But honestly, it's a bargain. Audio for music's pretty good, despite the static on the call. The color combination's pretty nice. Won't really know how long this will last so will keep my finger's crossed.

Bottom line, pretty good bargain. If you need a bluetooth headset and don't have a big budget and are willing to put up with a bit of static, go for it!


louienell gonzales said...

Thank you for your wonderful review, it gives me a lot of information about this product.

The Colors Within said...

Thanks for the review! How's it holding up after 3 months of use?

Juliet Elizze Usita said...

Mine didn't come with a manual. It doesn't seem to work. There's no indicator that it's on. When I try to set it up with ny phone's Bluetooth, there's a "Headset" device that couldn't connect. What am I missing?

Krvi Nomekop said...

Hello, I bought this, but I don't have the manual, can you give me a pictures for this?