Friday, May 18, 2007

Hankering for a Phone: iPhone gets FCC OK!

I, along with the rest of the world, looks eagerly back and forth, from and to Apple and the calendar, awaiting the iPhone's release. Who wouldn't want one of these? It's an iPod video plus phone plus camera plus PDA plus almost anything... well, not almost anything. What Apple promises to deliver is a handset with software that is 5 years ahead of any other competing cellphone on the market. Just recently, that promise has come one step closer to fruition.

The good folks at the FCC have recently given the thumbs-up to Apple's iPhone, which I don't think anyone doubted would happen, helping its entry into the US market. While available documents from the FCC revealing nothing more about the phone that what is known, we really don't need the FCC to tell us anything we haven't already found out from other sources, or things we've already dreamed about that the iPhone can do... like fly...

While I doubt we're going to see any real iPhones carried locally in Asia any time soon (a rare thing for new mobile phone releases), I'm sure those who really want it will find a way to get it. For my part, I'm sure I could live without this phone for the time being. At least up until every other company develops software that comes at par to what Apple promises... that'll be in approximately 5 years. Til then, I'll just have to content myself to staring at pictures of it, and watching videos about it. If someone gave me one though, then that would be a completely different story! :)

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