Sunday, May 20, 2007

Hankering for a Robot: Korntech's Rogun

Who wouldn't want one of these? While Korntech's robot, designated Rogun isn't the first to sport face-recognition software and intruder alert capabilities, it is the first among the rest to make it to (not so mass) production. This child-friendly 1 meter high robot is available for a built to order value of $100,000. Expensive? Heck yeah. Korntech aims to sell this baby for just $5000 eventually, but until then, being one of the first to own one these little guys is going to cost you quite a hefty sum.

Why buy one of these? Well, aside from the novelty of such a thing, there's the fact that it can and does interact with others using embedded cameras and face-tracking software. It also functions as a security guard, calling its owner on their mobile if there are strangers visiting the empty house at night, or streaming live video of naughty children from to their cell phone.

While I'd love to own one of these, maybe in the future when they sell for $5000, if anyone did come breaking and entering with the intent to steal, I'm pretty sure they'd take this little security guard with them on the way out. I mean, who wouldn't want to?

Wouldn't it be cool though if it actually came with a stun gun to use when it's in security guard mode? It does have "gun" in its name after all. Rogun with stun gun. No danger stunning family members since you've got face-recognition tech built in. Hmmmmmmmm. Maybe someone should suggest it.

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