Friday, May 25, 2007

Hankering for a Phone: iPhone restricted to GSM

Look, look, look folks! GSM subscribers rejoice! It seems that the recently announced deal between Apple and AT&T stipulate that the much coveted, 5-years-ahead-of-its-time, do-it-all handset is going to come out with support for GSM bands only, not CDMA that other US providers (Verizon and Sprint) prefer, further enforcing the AT&T exclusivity.

While that' s bad news for US subscribers who plan on buying an iPhone and switching back to their old network, it seems that this announcement would be a boon to most Asian and international subscribers who are angling to get their hands on the phone.

If anybody is planning on visiting the US in the coming months, and say, they have enough cash to buy me one of these, I'd consider it the best birthday gift anyone could ever give. For at least the next 5 years.

Although... I wonder if it's going to be Sim-locked...


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